Hey Epic Escapers,

It’s that time of year again. I have tallied the survey of friends, family and fans, which are really the our extended family, dear Epic Escapers. Here are the results of the 2014 reviews. I let out a sigh of relief when we made it to the list again, but hey, it is our own friends and fans voting. Congratulations to all the webcomics who made it to our list!


The 10 Best Webcomics For 2014


10. Busty Girl Comics

A fun comic for girls who deal with some of the weightier issues of girlhood/womanhood. Fun for girls who are familiar with the burden of growing up.


9. Two Kinds

A webcomic that has raised one of the larger fan bases of any webcomic out there, boasting a decade of history. This is the best anthropamorphising comics we’ve found.


8. Swift Blades

Here’s one of the best fantasy webcomics out there. If you’re a fan of the World of Warcraft, or the genre birthed by the Lord Of The Rings, check out this comic. Beautiful art, and a fun story make this one a fun ride!


7. xkcd

The preeminent webcomic in the industry. XKCD still represents the leading community of webcomic fans. It makes science and thought fun, and what could be better than that.


6. Out At Home

This is one of the best webcomics out there that no one is reading. Here’s a fun family with teenage antics, and sweet, silly, and ridiculous moments. This one is fun!


5. The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja

Still one of the greats. If your a fan of Doctors, or Ninjas, or both, get to know Dr. McNinja. Just don’t go to him for treatment of your cold.


4. Epic Escape

A continuing classic in the making. Superheroes, silliness, flatulence, interesting characters, aliens, unemployment, cat fighting. The continued adventures of the Superheroes of Epic Escape have taken us to new heights of silliness. And now they’re in space!


3. Gunnerkigg Court

This remains my personal bias. I love this comic. Tom Siddell creates a world approaching the depth of Harry Potter. If only there could be more of Gunnerkigg Court.


2. Blue Milk Special

The whole gang’s here again, Luke, Leia, Han, Chewy. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this one.


1. Questionable Content

Here is the best of the best. Questionable Content shows the growth of a group of characters, as well as an artist. Here there is a deep storyline filled with characters you will fall in love with. By all means, take some time everyday to enjoy this wonderful webcomic.


Let me know if you agree. I’d love to see comments in the section below. I’m sure people will have an opinion, and additions to the list. I’m guessing some folks would hate some of the webcomics listed here?

What are your Best Webcomics of 2014?

John Cross