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So, I’ve decided to opine on what I think are the “Top 10 Webcomics For 2013”. I will admit a degree of bias. I prefer the the longform comic. I prefer a continuous storyline, with character development. I will also admit an additional bias. I love how my comic is developing, so I feel Epic Escape will make the list. If anything, the one failing of Epic Escape is that I haven’t had the time yet to build it up.


The 10 Best Webcomics For 2013


10. Ctrl+Alt+Delete

A long running an very funny comic with several gems over the years. Some fun references to old movies as well.


9. Hark A Vagrant

Another long running webcomic. Hark A Vagrant is one of the classics of the webcomics genre.


8. Dinasaur Comics

Imagine dinasaurs discussing all the latest matters of the day. Here, you’ll find quite interesting discussions by T-Rex and his friends as the wreak havoc on tiny little houses and people. Fun! Fun! Fun!


7. The Perry Bible Fellowship

A great fun long running comic!


6. The Adventures Of Dr. McNinja

He’s a Doctor. He’s a Crime Fighter. He’s a Ninja. He’s funny as heck!


5. Penny Arcade

What Top 10 list would could possibly be made without Penny Arcade? Not this one!


4. Epic Escape

A classic in the making. Superheroes, silliness, flatulence, interesting characters, aliens, unemployment, cat fighting. Funny stuff with great art and a lot more to come!



The legendary webcomic. This is the smart, silly, funny lightweight pinnacle of webcomics. XKCD is among the best webcomics in any list.


2. Gunnerkigg Court

This is a personal bias. Tom Siddell creates a world approaching the depth of Harry Potter. If only there could be more of Gunnerkigg Court. If only there were more!


1. Questionable Content

Here is the best of the best. Questionable Content shows the growth of a group of characters, as well as an artist. Here there is a deep storyline filled with characters you will fall in love with. By all means, take some time everyday to enjoy this wonderful webcomic.


Let me know if you agree. I’d love to see comments in the section below. I’m sure people will have an opinion, and additions to the list. I’m guessing some folks would hate some of the webcomics listed here?

What are your Best Webcomics of 2013?

John Cross