Dear Epic Escapers,

And now our superheroes part ways. Where will the future take them? And who’s the weird meteor guy? For answers to these mysteries come back next week. Not really…the meteor guy was a character I made up when I was nine, and you’ll probably never see him again, because he’s just so corny. Then again, you never know where our superheroe’s adventures will take them. That is Mighteor, the Mighty Meteor Man. C’mon, you’ve gotta admit, that was creative for a nine year old.

Speaking of superheroes…I just saw the trailers for Thor: the Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and they look great. Looking forward to those movies for sure! Thanks for joining the adventures of our Epic Escape Superhero Bunch. See you again, next week!

Also, check out our first Review! Our Friends over at “A Place To Hang Your Cape” had some nice things to say about our little old webcomic.

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See you next week.

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John Cross