Dear Epic Escapers,

AHA! I’ve been holding that in for about a year now. The style of the art and the format of the comic may have changed but the mystery remains! LOL. Imagine my euphoria at finally being able to spill the beans about who Ellie really is. Yes she turned green twice, back in page 21, entitled “U Catch De Fish with Debate” and again in page 28, entitled “Fellowship of The Pixel.” She also lied about her place of origin on several other pages. Ah, to see my Ellie finally be revealed, at long last. Such a great feeling when subplots grow up. More of those are on their way, by the way.

I must apologize about the joke about Public School Geography teachers. I’m sure they exist somewhere, just as I am sure that Leprechauns make sound business investments, and flying unicorns are unlikely to drive Toyota brand automobiles. I’m just saying I’ve never seen one. That doesn’t mean they aren’t real, it just means that they exist in the realm of consciousness between reality and flying unicorn puppies. Kidding. If you or anyone you know has ever seen a real life public school geography teacher, please comment below.

Here’s a look back at some cool Ellie moments!

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