Dear Epic Escapers,

What’s going on with Ellie? Is there some secret she’s trying to keep? Will Rabbitman and Girlpower discover it? Will Sunburst get his ham and cheese sandwich? Will the mayo go bad sitting outside of the fridge? Answers to these questions and more, will be found in future pages.

Actually, the ham and cheese sandwich will likely not make it to future storylines…but then again you never know.

The one thing I would like to talk about is the flying car. Did you know that there really is a flying car out there? There are two in fact. One that looks like a really cool convertible with jets outside each of the tires, and another that converts from like a tiny airplane to a car. Who wants a minivan or a sedan when you can get a flying car. Alas, fellow Epic Escapers, these cars are way out of normal people’s price ranges. Oh well, maybe some day.

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See you back here next week.

John Cross