Hi Epic Escapers,

Welcome back. Here’s the Origin of a Superhero I created at the ripe old age of 8. Many years later, I bring Sunburst, who was originally called, Sunburner, to you. Enjoy the origin story. There are dozens more stories for him, but we’ll see if we can ever get around to Sunburst’s tale.

Superheros are a funny breed. One day they’re good, one day bad. They impose their morals on everyone else. What makes them heroic? What makes them good guys or bad guys? I dunno. Way too serious for a weekly comic. But maybe some day we’ll cover it.

Hey, by the way, on a totally unrelated note….has anybody seen the Samsung Galaxy 4. That thing is like amazing. It’s got all these weird cool tricks…it like…follows your eye when you’re reading or watching videos. You can flick the screen of the cell phone without even touching it …my cousin was showing me his phone…there’s even a Samsung Galaxy something or other that can go under water….I’ve gotta do another top 5 technology list soon…They are cool as heck.

Okay, that was totally unrelated to our story, but totally cool.

See you next week!

John Cross