Epic Escapers,

Enter Commander Gector and the Skymeeter robot, two nefarious villians from the mind of my eight year old self. It’s okay, don’t worry, Sunburst and the League of Super Justice can handle it, I think.

Super heroes, super villains, super babes, giant robots, and a minivan. You can’t have more fun than that. The minivan’s a Dodge Caravan, by the way. And no one can argue that isn’t the ideal car for a super hero team! C’mon, I mean twelve cupholders. Watch out alien invaders. We’re ready for you!

Ha! Thanks for coming. Our friendly little web comic had a massive uptick this past week. Thousands of readers are joining our little Epic Escaper team. Thanks for coming. Have a great, joyous, and safe day!

See you back in a few days.

John Cross