So, that’s Girlpower. I’ll start bringing in the rest of the team and the supporting cast over the course of this year. One strip a week is a frustratingly slow pace, but my day job doesn’t give me any time to get to the EpicEscape Webcomic on weekdays. I’ll work on trying to get two done on the weekends, so I can tell the story a little faster.

Epic Escape has an interesting cast of characters and I can not wait to share them with you. Webcomics are an interesting medium. There’s a conflict between the simplistic Cartoony styles and the more edgy comic book styles in DC, Marvel, Darkhorse, and Image. I’ve drawn extensively in the Comic Book style, and am going to work to perfect my cartooning.

I don’t mean to take anything away from the cartoony styles. I count among my artist heroes folks like Berkeley Breathed of Bloom County, Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes, Jim Davis of Garfield, and of course, the legendary Charles Schulz of Peanuts.

However, I spent my time learning from the picture books. Batman, Superman, Spiderman and the great writers and artists that rendered them were my early inspiration. I grew up drawing where the ideal was Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Keith Giffen (who I had the honor of meeting), and the greats John Byrne, and George Perez. So it was this style that I adopted early on.

It was, in fact, my appreciation for webcomics that inspired me to start my own. The work of Jeph Jacques on Questionable Content has been consistently fantastic over the years, and I aim to deliver that kind of quality.

Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to my readers. I’ve seen a few readers coming from all over the world. Let me know what you think by posting something, or sending me an email. Oh, and be sure to check out my art gallery, where I’ve posted some of my older artwork at .

As always, thanks for reading.

John Cross