Hey Fans,

Long day of drawing comics!  I hope you’re enjoying what I’ve been putting together.  I’ve got the next one ready, and will probably publish the next comic a little early.  I’m trying to get to the next storyline by the beginning of the new year.

Also, I just saw the new Iron Man 3 Trailer again, and it looks fantastic.  Another fantastic summer of movies is in our future.  What other great movies does marvel have planned?

Okay, thanks for visiting.  Starting to get a few thousand visitors a week.  Please share with your friends.  This webcomic is still new and needs all the promotion help it can get.  Also, I’m very grateful for the votes on the comic indices.  Thanks for keeping EpicEscape.com a top ten comic on multiple sites.  To think I’ve already got one of the most popular webcomics is fantastic.  I truly appreciate it.

Also, I’d love to hear from you, so take a moment and write me an email, or make post a comment.

See you in a week or less for the next webcomic!

John Cross

—Coming soon —- A Games section for the loyal fans! Thanks for coming. This will be a fun free way to pay back to my readers. Keep an eye out for that in the months to come.