Welcome back Comic Fans!

Prayers go out to all my fellow East Coasters who suffered through Hurricane Sandy last week! Hope you’re all safe and getting your lives back in order.

So, election week is finally here. We get a chance to choose the next Executive leader of our government for the next 4 years. Whatever your politics, please get out there and vote. It’s a true blessing to have the ability to select our leaders and it makes me proud to be an American.

So, election week’s got me thinking about what our Superhero’s politics would be? Would Superman vote Democrat or Republican. I think surely, Batman, would definitely vote Republican. I mean billionaire Bruce Wayne’s gotta be concerned with capital gains taxes and income taxes. I can guess surely the Punisher’s definitely voting Republican. He’s practically a founding member of the NRA with all the weapons that guy’s walking around with.

Wonder Woman’s definitely a Democrat. Here’s my reasoning. She’s an immigrant who moved to America from Paradise Island. I’m pretty sure Diana Prince, A.K.A., Wonder Woman, didn’t apply for a proper visa. And the fact that she flew here in her invisible jet, means she’s likely an illegal immigrant. Here’s a super hero that’s looking for amnesty. What about Spiderman? Definitely not a Democrat. He’s leaving webbing all over the city everywhere he goes. He’s can’t be that concerned with the environment.

What about Cyborg? What’s that guy’s carbon footprint? He’s a walking Hummer. I’m guessing in a poll of Superheroes, you’re likely to get a 80%-20% split in favor of Republicans.

Anyway, thanks for reading!

See you back here in a week or two for our next comic!

John Cross