Welcome to the Iphone 5.

Let’s face it, it’s the most relevant, and important piece of technology to be released this year. (And considering the Mayans still haven’t been proven wrong, it might be the last great piece of technology to ever be released.)

Okay, so I’ve been thinking. What are the most important technologies of the past 20 -30 years? Here are my top 5 technologies of all time.

5. The Roku Player / Apple TV

I still think these technologies are going to revolutionize television viewing. I’ve read several articles that discuss how large numbers of people are moving away from cable television providers to streaming television. Who wants to pay the ever growing charges while streaming television is becoming more readily available. (Let’s just wait until Apple TV takes over that industry as well then we’ll see what best practice implementation looks like.)

4. The Ipod

MP3 players changed the music world. When was the last time you bought a CD? A cassette tape? An 8-track Cassette? If you’ve purchased an 8-track Cassette in the recent past then you might have bigger issues. I do miss Vinyl though.

3. The Ipad

The Ipad has made owning a table computer, not just for Webcomics cartoonists anymore. Although, admittedly, my tablet PC is not quite as cool as an Ipad.

2. The Iphone

Bringing together a phone, a camera, a gaming system, a gps, a personal assistant, and all the assorted technologies that are now available in smartphones, this revolutionized the communications industry. Is there anyone out there who misses the clamshell? Oh, you may have one, but let’s face it, you’d rather have a smartphone.

1. The PC

Okay, let’s face it. Everyone who wants to get a paper done in school, has to hold down a job, or do any kind of programming, will need the ever useful Personal Computer. The PC is the workhouse of the technology industry. Laptops are as common today, as phones.

See you back here in a week or two for our next comic!

John Cross