King Tritan Of Atlantis!

Long Live The King!

The great and powerful leader of Atlantis has arrived.  Princess Ariana is the only one of the royals of Atlantis that we have met to this point.  King Tritan is known to be one of the greatest leaders in Atlantis’s spotty history.  The King has brought about an age of technological development and has improved many of the things normal Atlanteans take for granted.

Technology in Atlantis

The technology of Atlantis has always been more advanced than that of the outside world.  It would have to be for Atlantis to have survived.  Atlantis is a human city, despite the strange appearance of it’s residents, when they wear their fish tail-like swimming apparatus.  Atlanteans can breathe both oxygen, as do normal humans on land, and they can also extract oxygen from salt and fresh water. This was a result of genetic engineering discovered when humans were still developing bronze swords in other places in the world.

At the same time, Atlanteans were working on air filtration systems, to manage the high levels of air pollution their immensely industrialized nation was producing.  When Atlantis was destroyed, and the capital city sunk into the sea by the minions of The Destroyer, Atlantis’s air filtration systems were re-purposed into a water filtration systems, to give Atlantis air in the deep black depths of the sea.  Finally, this same filtration system has also enabled Atlantis to regrow it’s population and recapture parts of the city that were once thought lost, by allowing Atlantean engineers to build an  airtight bridge network to different substructures outside of the main city’s dome.  Atlantis has grown.

Atlantis’s capital city was the sole surviving city of the great war to rid the world of demons like The Destroyer.  The rest of the world sank into a world wide flood.  Very few in Atlantis survived. The leaders of the city, at the time, fought day and night against the forces of nature to keep their city alive in the depths of the ocean.  As little as a few thousand survived.  One can not know for sure.  Many of the records were destroyed by war, natural catastrophe, and time.

The History and Oral Tradition Of Atlantis

One thing is for certain.  The legends that arose from the time of Atlantis’s near destruction, which were passed down orally for a time, talk about a single surviving citadel. The Citadel was able to keep the water out and the people that lived within it alive.  The legends do not tell the exact number, but modern Atlantean language interprets the words to mean anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand.  Millions of Atlanteans died in that war against evil.  Though a few survived, the Mermen and Mermaids of Atlantis began to hate their land based counterparts, whom they called Terramen and Terramaids.

It was said in the legends of Atlantis that humans of weak “nature” were changed by The Destroyer, and his three minions, Biro, Morbus, and Greystroke.  The Destroyer had changed millions of warriors from as far off as Greece, Rome, and Egypt to his army of Zombie Demons.  They came with swords and shields and spears to battle Atlantis.  Atlantis had greater weapons, but much fewer numbers.  Of course, the minions of the evil Destroyer were enhanced by his evil might.  Atlantis fought bravely.  But somewhere in the fight the nature of the Earth changed, and a great flood came about.  The Evil was vanquished, and the Destroyer imprisoned.  But only a tiny remnant of the once great Atlantis remained.  It’s once legendary and supremely technologically advanced infrastructure was decimated.  Within a few years, every sign of that once great civilization was wiped from the Earth. Atlanteans fled to the sea in boats, most of which sank, and to the sky in ancient vessels of flight, sailing on currents of solar winds.  It is thought that all Atlanteans who left the safety of the citadel died in those days.  There was no where on Earth for Atlanteans to make their home.

Superheroes in Atlantis

Strongman, Girlpower, and Rabbitman have made their way to Atlantis now.  However, the good King Tritan is unhappy with their activities.  They have somehow brought about the destruction of a central battery.  The central batteries were built in the golden age of Atlantis, and were used to power the great city and all it’s technology.  While the use of the central batteries is still within the grasp of modern Atlanteans, the technology used to create the batteries has been lost.  The central batteries themselves are thousands of years old, and have themselves failed with time.  Only a few remain.  One of those has most recently been destroyed by our bumbling hero Strongman, in Epic Escape Page 133.

Right now, our main three heroes are accompanied by Cannon, Stingray, The Dancing Thin Man, Lodestone and Ivory Frost from the Liberty Legion, and their other teammates Bestman (or Behemoth), Sunburst and Starlet. Every one of them will be needed to fight the Destroyer if he breaks out of his prison.

The Mystery of Kidstrong

Who is Kidstrong, and what is his deal?  As our heroes struggle to survive they will have to figure out who this Kidstrong is and what he and Ship are doing here.

What happened to Halfwing?

Halfwing, and the boy Luis, and Celestial were separated from the rest of the team, and are on the run back in the city.  What has become of them?  Where are they? Have they survived. Stay tuned to find out!


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