Atlantis is Real…and It’s Under North America

Who would have thought? Can you imagine it? If the story of Atlantis were true, could it be possible that it were a part of North America? In their webcomic adventures, Strongman, Girlpower and Rabbitman have found the land of Atlantis sunken under North America.

Here we follow the adventures of our merry band of Superheroes.  They must fight the greatest evil that they’ve ever faced. Its an evil of which the Seraphim Cyrillus warned in Page 29 – “An Angel At The Window.”

The Destroyer Of Worlds appeared on Page 121 – “War Of Heroes In Tights.”  He threatens the Earth.  His influence is already spreading throughout the world, as are his minions, Biro, Morbus, and Greystroke.

While Biro spreads hatred and anger and violence in the world, influencing the people to war, Morbus changes the physical form of regular people to demon zombies, by “taking their hearts.”  He continues building an army for the day when his master, the Destroyer, is able to break free.

Strongman has to answer to King Tritan and Princess Ariana for his destruction of the central battery on Page 133 “Comic Book Violence.”

Our story is finally going to come together. Seraphim Cyrillus, Strongman, Girlpower, Rabbitman, the Atlanteans, and even some surprise allies must all come together to save the Earth from the worst evil it’s ever faced.

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