Let’s face it, I hate cats. I’ve dedicated an entire webcomic chapter to it. I didn’t intend for the silliness to be anti feline, or anything, however, it appears to have come out that way.

I do not intend to offend cat people. I’ve known many cat people over my life. I’ve even liked some of them. No, really. Some of the nicest people I’ve ever met have been cat people. Well, that is to say, when I refer to “cat people,” I mean to say people who like, love, or own cats. That is not to say cat people who are in fact people who are cats. I’ve never met one of those, and I imagine I would not enjoy that. At the very least my allergies would go haywire.

In any case, this is a cat people friendly site. If you are a cat person, please enjoy this webcomic and know that I’ve got you in mind with the addition of the kitty mob, and Fat Cat, the Cat Father.

I also would guess that we’re going to have a reunion of sorts, after having left our other superhero friends some time ago to delve into the economic issues of our superheroes. Starlet, Rabbitman, Behemoth, Girlpower, and Strongman are going to get together to fend off the Kitty Mob over the next few strips.

It’s a Justice League, or X-Men parody of the grandest proportions. Imagine, the Thundercats were living in modern day America, were gangsters, and were fighting B List Superheroes. I think it’s a fun premise, and I hope you have been enjoying it too.

See you back here in a week or two for our next comic!

John Cross