The Tools Of The Digital Comic Artist

The artist who wishes to create comics in 2017 has a myriad of tools from which to choose to create comic books, both for the classic publishing variety, and the modern digital variety.

Pens, pencils, inks, digital tools, and paper are just a few of the tools that an artist can use.  Below, I’ve identified some of the key tools.

For The Classic Artist Who Still Uses Paper And Ink

Amazon offers a variety of tools for the comic artist.  Classic artists, of course work on Strathmore or Strathmore like papers at the 11×17 papers.  Here’s a classic description of what you should be looking for:

  • Heavyweight paper with excellent resistance to erasing and scraping
  • Great for use with marker, pen & ink, and pencil
  • Smooth texture with preprinted, non-reproducible, blue lines
  • 24 sheets of 11″ X17″
  • Acid free 150lb / 250g paper



Inks can also be purchased from amazon.  Here’s a good set:

  • Pigma Micron & Brush (Black) – Basic Manga set (005, 01, 03, 05, 08 & Brush) come with a Reuseable Pen Pouch
  • Nib size for precise line width is 0.20mm, 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm & flex brush
  • Archival quality ink for use in acid-free environments. Water-based & quick drying on porous surfaces
  • Chemically resistance, waterproof, fade resistant, no smears, feathers or bleed-through on most papers
  • Used in illustration, calligraphy, zentangle arts, craft projects, technnical drawings, manga and scrapebooks



For The Digital Artist Who Creates Digital Drawings

Then of course, there’s the key component for the digital artist.  What tablet you’re going to use.  Hands down, the number one tool for the creation of digital images is the Wacom Cintiq.

Here’s a description:

  • 21.5″ HD Display features a wide format, full HD resolution and extra wide viewing angle.
  • Work naturally and intuitively directly on screen. Sketch, paint, design and edit directly on the surface of the screen.
  • Wacom’s most advanced pressure and tilt-sensitive pen technology replicates the natural effects and experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, and brushes.
  • Time saving Express Keys, Scroll Ring and Radial menus give you customizable, one-touch shortcuts and modifiers.



This is, however, a top of the line option.  There are more affordable alternatives.  Here’s a great one:

  • Surface Pro 4 powers through everything you need to do, while being lighter than ever before
  • The 12.3 PixelSense screen has extremely high contrast and low glare so you can work through the day without straining your eyes
  • keyboard is not included and needed to be purchased separately
  • Features an Intel Core i5 6th Gen (Skylake) Core


For The Artist Who Does Digital Coloring

Software is king for digital coloring.  Of course, the number one software for the digital artist is Adobe Photoshop:


Of course, a very capable alternative, that is much more affordable is Manga Studio.

  • Add power and flexibility to your design process. Specifically designed for professionals, Manga Studio combines a multitude of cutting-edge features that makes it the most powerful manga and comic drawing tool in the market.
  • Save valuable time and effort. Speed up your workflow! With Manga Studio’s powerful feature set and intuitive, standard interface, you will quickly create and enhance your comic projects faster than if created by hand.
  • Create professional level art from start to finish. Designed specifically for illustrating manga and comic art, Manga Studio’s specialized features provide a complete solution for creating standard black and white manga and comics.
  • Draw naturally with a Tablet – Sketch, scan or import your inked artwork directly. Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a Pen Tablet.
  • Screen tones & Patterns – Screen tones add dimension, depth and character to your artwork. Choose from tones of screen tones in Manga Studio.



How To Develop And Host Your Site

Finally, one of the best Domain Registrars for you to host your site is BlueHost:


Best of luck to you as you progress towards developing your comics site!