How Affiliate Marketing Works in Webcomics

Affiliate marketing is a term that used somewhat loosely.  It sounds like the key focus of the work you do will be to promote someone’s product or service.  In fact, for some people who manage blogs, or websites, this is exactly right.  However, for the vast majority of us who produce blogs that follow our passion, like webcomics, this is not exactly so.

We create our blogs, our webcomics, and our websites in an effort to share our passion with the world.  However, in order to find ways to cover the costs of our websites, and possibly make millions creating comics, we find affiliate marketing.  Affiliate marketers allow you to use your websites existing popularity to promote products, preferably connected in some way to your product or service, to make money.  You earn money by having your readers click on the affiliate advertising that you’ve published on your website.  You really do become a sort marketer for these other companies whose products are related to your own.

How Amazon Associates Works – The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

The top Affiliate Marketing program available in the United States is the Amazon Associates program.  With this program you can earn anywhere from 1% to 10% based upon what you are able to sell.  Here too, you pick from a variety of products from the store with the largest inventory in the world.  You can advertise key Amazon services like  Amazon Prime or Amazon Audible and you can get flat rates when your readers sign up, even for free services.

Other Affiliate Marketers That Offer Big Earnings to Webcomics Creators

There are other major affiliate marketing companies that work with a large number of retailers and producers, like Amazon, who also pay to have your readers purchase product through their banners and links.  All you need to do is sign up for these services, and begin to add their links and images on your site.  Two of the major affiliate marketing programs are Commission Junction and Rakuten Linkshare.

Finding Success with Affiliate Marketing

The biggest difficulty is driving your readers or customers to your advertising.  This offers dual challenges.  First, to profit from these customers, or readers, you actually have to drive them away from your site, which means you’ve lost any further interaction from them, at least for the moment.  Second, the affiliate programs that you offer must be related in some way to your blog or website’s service, because your customers might become annoyed by unrelated distractions of advertising that has nothing to do with their interests.

Imagine yourself reading about Superman and Batman, and being offered designer hair care products.  Not to knock our fans who are fabulously coifed, but the ads would definitely be unrelated to the material your website offers.  You’re much more likely to see success if you advertise products related to your site’s content.

Good Luck!

– John Cross