What a summer of movies we had. Avengers was fantastic. The Batman sequel, the Dark Knight Rises was incredible, and I am sad to see the creative team of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale end their trilogy! They treated Batman right.

I loved the reboot of the Spiderman series. I had friends who hated it. They wanted to see a fourth episode of the series from some years ago. I liked it though. The new Spiderman was not as whimsical as the Raimi Spiderman movies. Although, I’m not gonna lie, I would have loved to see Bruce Campbell in this one too. Good old Stan Lee was in this one, so at least that necessary piece was there.

Still looking forward to the new Man of Steel Superman movie coming out next summer. Can’t wait!

Next up, to draw out the end of summer, Judge Dread will be judge jury and executioner in the movies in just a few weeks. Can’t wait.

It’s been a while since I posted a webcomic. Got a new job and it’s been keeping me busy! Hope to see you guys soon.

John Cross