Epic Escapers,

Girlpower is settling into her new job as a Video Cassette Rental Store Manager. She is, of course, not free from the ribbing of her friends, Strongman, Starlet, and Rabbitman.

We’ve all had bad jobs that could have been better. But, in this case, hopefully Girlpower will buck up, and find the best in the work she’s been asked to do. Make the best of your day, because it won’t get better until you make it get better.

Hey, thanks by the way, dear Epic Escapers. Our comic seems to be picking up steam with the fans. We had dropped off for some time, but it appears our readership is up for the month. If you like our little old comic, please spread the word, and let your fellow comics readers know. There’s a lot of story yet to tell…so more to come.

Thanks for visiting. Tell your friends!

John Cross

NOTE: The next comic will be delayed for some time because of technical issues. My drafting laptop is on the fritz.