Epic Escapers,

Our Mars superhero adventure is now well behind us. The good guys have won, as we are eager to see them do. The villains have fled our battleground with their tails tucked between their legs.

So, the story comes back down to Earth in more ways to one. Our heroes have returned to their home, albeit temporary. They live in an invisible spaceship in the middle of the park. Now that that’s the case, they still have to answer the more mundane questions in their lives. How do I make money to survive? How do I have spending cash? How do I survive the unfortunate reality of my career choices? Will I make more money and live a generally better live as a barista at my local coffee shop?

Girlpower has found a job at a “video” rental store. No, no, we’re not talking about blu-rays and Netflix movie streaming. There are no Redbox kiasks here. We’re talking a tapes: VCR, Video Cassette Recorder, or VHS, Video Home System. She’s working the counter at the Blockbuster from 1984. You remember that…if you’re over 35. When you had to take the trip to the Video place on a Friday night, and rent the latest hot new releases. Goonies, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Titanic…kids today have no idea the excitement of getting to the video store for those new movies.

Then of course, there was the disappointment, when none of the Video Stores’ 30 copies of Return Of The Jedi were available, because they had all been rented out before you got there, so you had to watch Jewel of the Nile for the tenth time.

Hopefully this job works out for Girlpower, as she and the gang need a way to make some money to get some semblance of a career…or at least a job that lasts more than a few weeks.

I should say, how difficult it must be for superheroes to hold down jobs. These superfriends must travel to the deepest darkest places of the universe to defend justice. How could they possibly keep down jobs that require you to be somewhere 9 to 5. It’s unlikely. So, honestly, if they were really to keep a career as a superhero, they would need to be funded in some way. THey would need patrons who believed in their battle for all that truth and justice. Heck, they are not unlike webcomic artists, who have to find believers, in their fans, like you Epic Escapers. Webcomics artists are unlikely to really launch full time into their stories without being freed of their need to earn a daily living. Hey, we could all follow our dreams if someone would just help us pay for our lunch.

Okay, we’ll see you back on the next one, as Girlpower learns about the high tech world (in 1984) of Video Cassette Recorders.

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John Cross