Epic Escapers,

Seraphim Cyrillus was the first person Strongman spoke to when he was lost in space. He told him that three gifts were to be given to him. He explained to Strongman that access to the Universal Reality Interface was granted to him.

He was told the second gift was something he had to “choose to earn.” Strongman’s profession of affection to Girlpower was what was required. He made his choice, and she accepted. He chose to earn her love.

Finally, the third gift, “must find him”…and as we saw earlier here on these pages…Halfwing had to find him. Which she did, in the dungeon. Halfwing, whoever she is, is thought to be key to Strongman’s survival in the battle to come. At least, Seraphim Cyrillus thinks so…or whoever sent him…or whoever sent Halfwing, to be more specific.

In any case, there’s clearly more to come on this. I hope you are enjoying how our adventure is unfolding.

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John Cross