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Welcome back, for another gallery posting!

“Flying Angel Girl”

Okay, so those of you who are our weekly Epic Escapers, you’ll notice two things. The Flying Angel Girl, is actually a character who has joined our Epic Escape cast as “Halfwing.” You’ll also notice that the uniform she is wearing is Girlpower’s uniform. This pinup drawing, which was part of a series of angel illustrations, is actually the inspiration for both of those characters in part. Here, the “Halfwing” character shows the tough demeanor of Girlpower, but the embodiment of a fully intact Halfwing. If all goes well for our Angel Superhero, she’s likely to return to this form.

As for the illustration itself…

The background was an added sunset image behind the drawing of Halfiwng. It works perfectly with the colors chosen for the character herself, as well as the “Girlpower” uniform she’s wearing. We’ll visit the topic of Halfwing’s uniform in one of our comics coming soon. That will be a homage to this drawing, in a sense. I hope you enjoy it.

Anyway, this is where I would normally say, see you next week, but these will be coming out daily. So, see you tomorrow!

Oh, and I should say…Welcome to 150 comics. My little comic has arrived at yet another big round number. I can’t wait until we get to 200 comics. Once I have a million fans reading every day, I’ll start publishing once a day! Our comic is on its way to 5000 webcomics…and more. It might just take us 30 years to get there. In any case, I feel like 150 comics should be celebrated, and I feel like a fully healthy Halfwing character is probably a good way to celebrate it. Thanks for coming Epic Escapers. I’m so glad you’re reading our comic. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think!

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John Cross