Epic Escapers,

Welcome back, for another gallery posting!

“Red Riding Hood”

After being inspired by the phenomenal work of Ken Kelly, I was inspired to do some pencil work, that I later colored in Photoshop. This was one of a few drawings that you’ll get to see here. Obviously the character of Red Riding Hood was supposed to be a little girl. Innocence against the evil of the world, represented by the big bad wolf. I’ve always been impressed with heroines who could defend themselves and others who need them. Sigourney Weaver in Aliens was one of these heroines. Here was a representation of the innocence all grown up, and ready to “throw down.” Our Red Riding Hood is not afraid of what challenges may come. I hope you enjoy the drawing in our gallery week!

Anyway, this is where I would normally say, see you next week, but these will be coming out daily. So, see you tomorrow!

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John Cross