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“Sunburner Reboot”

Our beloved Sunburst character, is also known as the Prince of Sol, the Bringer of Fire, the First Chair of the Knights of the Rising Sun, and one of Strongman’s oldest friends. He is also the first character I ever created, somewhere around the age of eight years old. His original name was “Sunburner.” It quickly became apparent to me that this character name silly, and was more reminiscent of a rough weekend at the beach with the sun.

Sunburner was thus, renamed “Sunburst.” His story however remains the same. He was a bad guy leader of a bad group of people who eventually turned around and became a good guy. Sunburst had the fire-tail because at the age of eight, I had little understanding of the human anatomy, and couldn’t render it at all no matter how hard I tried. Eventually, the image grew on me, as it is unique. And I kept the basic principal. So here he is, Sunburst. He will be a regular on our webcomic, for a time, at least. I hope you enjoy his adventures.

Anyway, this is where I would normally say, see you next week, but these will be coming out daily. So, see you tomorrow!

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John Cross