Epic Escapers,

Welcome back to another entry into our Gallery. This one contains a misnomer in the title.

“The Crusades”

Travel back, with me, to a time before the invention of iPhones, and Android. To a time when phones flipped open as if something out of Star Trek. In fact, the most popular of these was a tiny, but cool looking phone referred to as the “Star-Tac.” It was the coolest new phone on the market and everyone had to have one. Here I was, unable to afford one of these new ingenious devices, still trying to figure out what a programming artist like me was going to do. Finally, I decided…I would get a job to pay my bills. Any job would do. Really, any. Anybody looking for my particular brand of genius? Anybody? Seriously, McDonalds Dollar Menu burgers are expensive…

And then my friend Herman Cantwell comes along with an idea for a cross genre role playing book…


The inaccurately named “Crusades” was one of my entries into the foray. The book was eventually made into a really really limited circulation release. I was paid in peanuts. Actually, I believe I was paid in frozen burritos which was all the rage back then.

The topic of the illustration bears no resemblance to any actual Crusade imagery. It was really just a war scene that might be used in the book. The only reason I called it the crusades was because I intended it to be a comic booky rendition of two warring ideologies. The image itself has a bit of an adult bent, since it’s got violence that’s a little more extreme than I typically like to go. I still consider it safe for work, however, I went back and forth on whether it was appropriate for these pages. My thought is, however, today’s comics, like the “Walking Dead” show much more extreme scenarios. So, this is mild by comparison. Anyway…enjoy!

This is where I would normally say, see you next week, but these will be coming out daily. So, see you tomorrow!

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John Cross