Epic Escapers,

Okay, as promised I am publishing my gallery images on the main comic page. I will only disrupt the normal schedule of the webcomic for a single week, as there are only about 10 entries left that haven’t been posted. Epic Escape has finally completed her most epic story arch. The gang has fought for the “free folk” of Mars, and has won them their independence. I am sad to see Ellie go, but I wanted to be true to her character. She is the princess of Mars anyway, so she should stay their to protect her people. And as the Dimensionist hasn’t been destroyed, he appears likely to be returning threat. Also, with the characters of Manstar and Millenium introduced, I think it’s a fair bet that they will return. After all, the mystery of the Destroyer hasn’t really been revealed yet. He is still a threat to be dealt with as well.

Comic fun yet come. But for a minute, we will focus on Strongman, Girlpower, Rabbitman, Starlet, and Behemoth. They are our main Epic Escape family after all. Sunburst will be there too.

Anyway, to our readers, true believers, I want to say thank you, for sticking with us through the Mars story line, which stretched on, but finally came on to it’s natural resolution. Strongman’s rock friend ended up saving the day. I hope you enjoyed the Ironic ending.

As for the Gallery…

I’ll give a brief history of all of the drawings in the gallery. I hope you enjoy!

“Damsel in Distress”

Our friend, Herman Cantwell, came up with a genius piece of work. A role playing game that was cross genre. You could play either as a superhero, or a fantasy, or a science fiction character. This was an idea that was before it’s time, although I’ve seen this idea in a number of different games since. Rad, a fellow artist and my best pal, and I were tasked with doing the illustration for the role playing game. This was a basic first request showing the classic role playing genre, the Dungeons and Dragons ilk. A Damsel In Distress is of course, your classic hero saves lady scenario, repeated invariably by artists throughout the history of science fiction. Frazetta, Boris Vallejo, Ken Kelly, Chris Achilleos, Judy Bell, the Hilderbrandt Brothers and so many others have all produced a similarly themed image, and this was my modest tribute to them.

This is where I would normally say, see you next week, but these will be coming out daily. So, see you tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting. Tell your friends!

John Cross