Epic Escapers,

So, I’ve decided that comics are an interesting medium. Some of the best comics creators are “independent.” Some of the best comics of all time, like Calvin & Hobbes, Bloom County ended their life a long time ago and are sorely missed. These comics still sell volumes of books today. But comics continue to be excellent, and produce ever more exciting and and interesting story lines.

And then there’s the general Sci-Fi genre which has made serious moves over the past years. Disney now owns Marvel Comics and the Star Wars Francise. These will likely mean seriously impressive offerings for both of these groupings of material. Or dare I say it, a cross over. Imagine it, Darth Vader on the Guardians of the Galaxy.

In any case, sci fi and comics are likely to get better and better, having built from the wonderful product that has been produced by masters over the years.

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John Cross