Welcome Ellie, on board the good ship Epic Escape.

We now have, what I like to call, the core four. For now, these guys will be the focus of our strip. I hope you enjoy the many hijinks that will ensue.

I will explore the relationships between our core four and their cast of supporting characters. This will be the last of our “Strength in Numbers” story line. For now, they’ve found a solution to their financial problems. They will be financially supporting one another while the world throws all it’s got at them. And of course, when you’re a super hero, there are more than your fair share of problems.

If you’ve got time, please take a moment to enjoy my gallery. Here’s the latest drawing posted to the gallery. It’s a “What if ?!?” illustration. This would be what Rabbitman would look like if he were in a mainstream comic.

Thanks for reading. Please come back often to see the updates to the site.

John Cross