Hope you’re having fun!

Rabbitman seems to be more assured of his powers of persuasion than his powers of annoyance. This particular scheme has not worked out for the illustrious Pink Eared Knight of Justice. However, I am sure, future instances of such clever thinking will most assuredly get him out of, or more likely, into trouble.

Anyway, I hope you’re enjoying the comic thus far. It has been a blast putting it together, and our core characters have now been established. The straight man, Strongman, the silly friend, Rabbitman, and the female protagonist, are now all a part of our story. It’s going to be a fun ride, and i hope you all come along with me.

Thanks for reading. Please come back soon.

John Cross

Epic Escape Webcomic 11 – Super Lucky Rabbit’s Foot – By John Cross

Panel 1
Rabbitman – So we’ve got all your stuff moved in
Strongman – It really helps to have super powers. That was easy.
Girlpower – Well, I didn’t have that much stuff. You need money to buy stuff…That;s basic economics. Cash equals much stuff squared.

Panel 2
Rabbitman – …And Strongman only knocked down one wall.
Strongman – I couldn’t see where I was going and the walls are paper thin.
Girlpower – Yeah, if you’re a super freaky strong alien flying man.

Panel 3
Rabbitman – Well, I’m off to charm my Landlady into having another month extension on my rent from three months ago. She so loves me.

Panel 4
Caption – The next day…
Rabbitman – I’ve been evicted. The landlady and I had a huge argument. I’m hoping I can stay here a while. I hope that’s not too weird.
Strongman – Lucky rabbit’s foot may have worked better than your charm…