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Our Gallery is moving.

Hey Epic Escapers…I’ve decided to incorporate the Art Gallery Directly into the Comic Site, rather than as another site. This will make it easier and more obvious for all of our fans to enjoy. Also, since some of the gallery drawings are not “kid friendly,” I will be removing those for the time being.

Style Changes to Site

Also, our colors will be changing. I’ve decided to take a shot at modifying some of the styles of the site. Our grey background has been with us two years, and it’s time for a change. Please let me know what you think. I’m going to try to pick colors that allow the comic to pop more.

Guardians Of The Galaxy!

What an awesome movie! It takes the best of the super hero genre, and the science fiction genre and combines the two. Marvel has outdone themselves on this one! Great job to Marvel Studios, again, and a fantastic production.

I’ve linked the trailers below! Enjoy!

Trailer 1 of the Guardians Of The Galaxy!

Trailer 2 Of the Guardians Of The Galaxy!


John Cross