Well, I just finished reading The Hunger Games and I just saw the movie.

Fantastic fun all around. I thought Jennifer Lawrence might not be right for the role when I first heard she was playing Katniss Everdeen, but I thought she did great. I’m already half way through the next book, and I can’t wait to see the next movie. It was a great movie going experience all around.

Well, I’ve been able to get a comic out Monday, and Tuesday, and I’m aiming for one out every day this week. We’ll see if that’s going to be possible. I’ve posted my website to the following two sites for inbound links.


My current rating on TheWebComicList.com is 129, so please click on the link to move me up the list.

I’ll share my comic on different Listing Indexes just as soon as I find them.

QuestionableContent.net continues to be a lot of fun. Martin, Hannelore, and Marigold are coming back off the station, so it’s going to be good to see them with Faye and Dora and the rest of the gang after such a long absence of those characters. Great work by Jeph Jacques.

Okay, thanks for reading. I hope you’re enjoying Strongman, Girlpower, Rabbitman and friends on their Epic Escape.

John Cross