Why Artists Do Webcomics and Why You Should to

Welcome to the First Comic Strip for EpicEscape.com!

This has been a long time coming.

Epicescape.com was started as a Gallery of my artwork, both published and unpublished in 1997.  So technically, EpicEscape.com is one of the longest running webcomics sites on the internet though it dodn’t take that form until years later. It contained comics related artwork of as well as fanart using DC and Marvel Comics characters, as a sort of tearsheet to show art directors.  I took it all down sometime around 2005 to focus on school.  EpicEscape.com existed then under a series of other comic related sites until its revival in 2012.  It wasn’t truly a 7 year hiatis, rather, a refocusing of effort.

I started another Webcomic with a Comedian friend back in 2000, but that one only lasted about 20 strips.  It was called Anatomically Correct and earned a minor degree of popularity getting several thousand readers before it was shutteted.

The reason I came back to this is because I couldn’t silence the passion I’ve got for telling my funny, silly, stories. I love comics.  I lobe creating the characters and creating intetesting adventures for them.  I started drawing them early on and even began to sell some of my creations when I was 11.

Why You Should Do Webcomics Too

I’m guessing you’re something like me. You have a passion for fun stories and cool artwork!  You loved reading the stories about Wolverine,  Superman, Captain America,  Iron Man,  Wonder Woman,  Batman,  Xmen, Avengers and Spiderman.  Over the years you even created and internalized your own stories,  or drew up some cool superheroes or other comic book like characters. You know who you are!

I know how you feel.  Fortunately,  the Internet is a fantastic place for you to tackle your interest. You can create your own characters like I have,  and tell the stories you want to tell.

All you need to do is get a domain and a hosting plan and start your journey.  I recommend  Bluehost because they are very affordable, with monthly rates starting at less than $3 per month. C’mon you can give up one Starbucks latte per month to start pursuing your dteams.

I recommend BluehostBluehost is one the most affordable and reputable web registrars out there.  It also offers a very reasonable rate for hosting, which will make your initial spend very low.  This is crucial!  Keep your costs low, until you start making money.

I look forward to seeing your comic. Send me an email when you’ve started out so I can take a look and we can wnjoy your adventures together.

Honestly, at the very minimum, you can use it to pad your resume.  If you’re very lucky, like xkcd.com or questionsblecontent.net, you might be able to make a ton of money and make a living from it.

Good Luck.

Thanks for reading!

John Cross