Hey Fellow Cheeseballs,

The start of NFL Football is like Christmas in September. With the return of Peyton Manning, at Denver no less, and the drama of the banishment of Tim Tebow to New York, it’s all the excitement you can handle. Peyton is the Superman of the NFL. So glad to see Peyton back in the game, and looking healthy. I hope he has a great season. And who can believe the Saints are 0-2. What a weird and fantastic start to the great drama of NFL football. I can’t stop watching.

But our story is about Superheroes. Our caped crusader, and cheerleader clad super babes fighting the ferocious forces of feline evil. Our hero in the cheerleader outfit, Girlpower, and our allergy prone superman, Strongman, must struggle against the evil Kitty Mob…a threatening force indeed. It’s like having Batman and Wonder Woman in the middle of an episode of Fairly Odd Parents! Or maybe the Thundercats would be a more apt analogy!

Anyway, thanks for re-joining me for another Epic Escape cartoon. See you back here soon.

John Cross