Welcome to the First Comic Strip for EpicEscape.com!

This has been a long time coming.  I plan on posting at least one strip a week.  Only time will tell if this will ever become a daily, but I’m crossing my fingers.

Epicescape.com was started as a Gallery of my artwork, both published and unpublished.  It contained artwork of my own invention as well as fanart using DC and Marvel Comics characters.  I took it all down sometime around 2005 to focus on school.

I started another Webcomic with a Comedian friend back in the 2000 timeframe, but that one only lasted about 20 strips.  I will try to post the gallery and the old comics, if I ever figure out this hosting a website thingamajig.

I’m looking forward to doing the Epic Escape strip for a long time.  Please come by and enjoy.  Send me a note if you’ve got an hankering to do so.  I’d love to hear any feedback.

Thanks for reading!


John Cross

Epic Escape.com Comic 1 – “Even Super Heroes Can Have A Bad Day” – By John Cross
Panel 1
Caption 1 – Strongman and the members of the League of Super Justice were heroes of the masses, saving the world from all manner of global calamity, nefarious crime, and pernicious vilany/
Panel 2
Caption 1 – Strongman’s alter ego, Timothy Morgan, was a rising attorney at his law firm, righting the wrongs in the American justice system.
Panel 3
Caption 1 – Strongman struggles to find work when his job at the law firm is outsourced.
Strongman – Who ordered the half caff latte with extra cream?
Caption 2 – Unfortunately…Even Superheroes can have a bad day…
Panel 4
Strongman – The League of Super Justice is being shut down?
Rabbitman – Apparently, they’re outsourcing our jobs to the India and China divisions…
Bestman – Can they fire super heroes?
Starlet – How am I going to pay my bills?
Girlpower – Wait…you guys were getting paid to do this?